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Travel Policy


TRAVEL AND EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT POLICY Effective: December 8, 2011- Revised August 6, 2016

1.    Purpose

The Board of Directors of NTRTS recognizes that board members, officers, and members of NTRTS (collectively referred to as Personnel), and other radiology professionals we invite to our events, may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct business and further the mission of this organization. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that (a) adequate cost controls are in place, (b) travel and other expenditures are appropriate, and (c) to provide a uniform and consistent approach for the timely reimbursement of authorized expenses incurred by Personnel.

It is the policy of NTRTS to reimburse only reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred by Personnel. When incurring expenses, NTRTS expects Personnel to:

  • Exercise discretion and good business judgment with respect to those expenses.
  • Be cost conscious and spend NTRTS’s money as carefully and judiciously as the individual would spend his or her own funds.
  • Report expenses, supported by required documentation, as they were actually spent.

2.    General Travel Requirements A. Necessity of Travel

In determining the reasonableness and necessity of travel expenses, Personnel and the Board of Directors shall consider the ways in which NTRTS will benefit from the travel and weigh those benefits against the anticipated costs of the travel.

B. Advance Approval

All trips involving air travel or at least one overnight stay must be approved in advance by the NTRTS Board of Directors.

C. Conduct

While traveling as a representative of NTRTS, each member shall act in a respectful manner to reflect the society’s well being. Each member is responsible for attending all meetings associated with the event. If a member cannot make the event for any reason, NTRTS will not be held responsible for reimbursing traveling expenses.

D. Personal and Spousal Travel Expenses

Individuals traveling on behalf of NTRTS may incorporate personal travel or business with their NTRTS-related trips. However, Personnel shall not arrange travel at a time that is less advantageous to NTRTS or involving greater expense to NTRTS in order to accommodate personal travel plans.

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TRAVEL AND EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT POLICY Effective: December 8, 2011- Revised August 6, 2016

Any additional expenses incurred as a result of personal travel are the sole responsibility of the individual and will not be reimbursed by NTRTS. Expenses associated with travel of an individual’s spouse, family or friends will not be reimbursed by NTRTS.

3.      Reimbursement

Individuals requesting reimbursement must submit an itemized list of expenses within 45 days of incurring the expense. Receipts are required for all expenditures billed directly to NTRTS, such as airfare and hotel charges. No expense will be reimbursed to Personnel unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits written receipts from each vendor.

4. Air Travel A. General

Air travel reservations should be made as far in advance as possible in order to take advantage of reduced fares. NTRTS will reimburse or pay only the cost of the lowest coach class fare actually available for flights from the airport nearest the individual’s home to the airport nearest the destination. If a person feels they can book a less expensive airfare, they will only be reimbursed by the price of their ticket, not by the difference of any group rate.

B. Saturday Stays

Personnel traveling on behalf of NTRTS may be required to stay over a Saturday night in order to reduce the price of an airline ticket. The expenses incurred for a Saturday night stay should not exceed the difference between the price of the Saturday night stay ticket and the lowest price available ticket that would not include a Saturday night stay. An individual who stays over a Saturday night shall be reimbursed for reasonable lodging incurred over the weekend.

5.      Lodging

Personnel traveling on behalf of NTRTS may be reimbursed at the single room rate for the reasonable cost of hotel accommodations. If more than one NTRTS member is staying at the same hotel during the same time period, two people will share a room, according to gender, at the double occupancy rate. Convenience, the cost of staying in the city in which the hotel is located, and proximity to other venues on the individual’s itinerary shall be considered in determining reasonableness. Personnel shall make use of available corporate and discount rates for hotels.

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TRAVEL AND EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT POLICY Effective: December 8, 2011- Revised August 6, 2016

6.      Out-Of-Town Meals

Personnel traveling on behalf of NTRTS are encouraged to take advantage of complimentary meals provided by the event host whenever possible. NTRTS does not reimburse Personnel for meals.

7.      Ground Transportation

Ground transportation will be reimbursed. Personnel are expected to use the most economical ground transportation appropriate under the circumstances.

8.      Personal Cars

Personnel are compensated for use of their personal cars when taking a trip that would normally be made by air. Mileage will be allowed at the currently approved IRS mileage rate. However, the total mileage reimbursement will not exceed the lowest available round trip coach airfare.

9.      Parking/Tolls

Parking and toll expenses, including charges for hotel parking, incurred by Personnel traveling on NTRTS business will be reimbursed.

10.    Business Meetings

Reasonable expenses incurred for business meetings will be reimbursed only if the expenditures are approved in advance by the NTRTS Board of Directors and qualify as tax deductible expenses. Detailed documentation for any such expense must be provided.

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