Bylaws 2019-2020

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North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society





The name of this society shall be North Texas Radiologic Technologists Society, hereinafter referred to as NTRTS.



Governing Body


The assembly shall be the governing body in all matters not in conflict with ARTICLE IX, DIVISIONS, and SECTION 2 – AFFILIATE SOCIETIES of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc.



Mission and Purpose


SECTION 1: Mission

The mission of NTRTS shall be to advance the professions of radiation and imaging disciplines and specialties, and to enhance the quality and safety of patient care; to assist in establishing and maintaining high standards of education; to elevate the quality of patient care and to improve the welfare and socioeconomics of the radiologic science professional.


SECTION 1: Purpose

The North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society (NTRTS) exists for the dual purpose of providing the opportunity for continuing education to Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) of the North Texas area including those with advanced specializations holding an “RT” registration, and recognition of those Imaging Technologists who go above and beyond the call of duty to society and the profession.  The NTRTS will operate as a non-profit corporation (registered in the state of Texas), affiliate of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists (TSRT).


NTRTS will be governed by local officers who are elected annually.


The activities in which NTRTS will be engaged includes, but not limited to, quarterly business meetings of its members, the planning and execution of a continuing education seminar, and the organizing of an annual awards ceremony.  Occasionally other continuing education seminars will be incorporated within the quarterly meetings as needed.  The two major functions are described in the following paragraphs.

The annual continuing education event will be day long events whereby Radiologic Technologists can obtain a portion of their required continuing education credits.  The seminar will be accredited by the TSRT and/or ASRT for continuing education credits for Radiologic Technologists.  The seminar involves securing local and national speakers in the field of radiologic

technology, education, health care, and research.  Lecture topics are to be noteworthy advancements in the science of Radiologic Technology and related science and education.

The Annual Award Event involves local and area Radiologic Technologists who by their exemplary performance in the line of duty have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their profession.  These individuals are from all aspects of the Radiology profession, and are nominated by their peers.  The most prominent are recognized each year at a banquet in their honor.  The banquet and its associated ramifications are considered part of this endeavor.


Policies and Procedures

SECTION 1: Conflict of Interest

  1. The name of the NTRTS or any of its Board of Directors, in their official capacities, shall not be used in connection with a corporate company for other than the regular functions of the NTRTS. (pursuant to ASRT compliance guidelines)
  2. The NTRTS is committed to equal opportunity in all programs. No one shall be denied opportunities on the basis of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status, political belief or disability. (pursuant to ASRT compliance guidelines)


SECTION 2: Professional Ethics

  1. Members without qualifications entitling them to practice as a radiologic technologist shall not accept patients for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
  2. Violation of Article IV, Section 3A will forfeit membership in the NTRTS, pursuant to TSRT guidelines.


SECTION 3: Non Profit Status

The NTRTS will operate as a nonprofit entity:

  1. For scientific and educational purposes that pertain to the furthering of Radiologic Science
  2. To promote the education of Radiologic Technologist members
  3. To assist Radiologic Technologists in complying with state and national regulations pertaining to continuing education requirements.
  4. To bring attention to the Radiologic Technology profession by recognizing prominent members of the profession who have given above and beyond the call of duty for humanity and the profession.


The Board of Directors of NTRTS recognizes that board members, officers, and members of NTRTS may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct business and further the mission of this organization.  The Board shall adopt and maintain a Travel and Reimbursement Expense Policy separate from these Bylaws to allow for flexibility in travel requirements.





SECTION 1: Classification

The membership of NTRTS shall consist of Active Members, Associate Members, Student Members, Honorary Members, and Life Members. A candidate for membership shall submit an application form, properly executed, together with the required fees and dues and shall furnish any additional information which may be required by the membership committee. When all requirements are met, the candidate will receive an official NTRTS membership card.



SECTION 1: Classification (cont.)

  1. Active Members – Active members shall be radiologic science professionals certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and certified with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) as an MRT. Active members shall be entitled to receive a membership card; be eligible for elective office or appointments, voting privileges on any business sent to the membership, and any business presented at any NTRTS meeting.
  2. Associate Members – Associate members shall be those members who are not radiologic science professionals but share the same interest in NTRTS and wish to participate in its activities. A Non-Certified technologist (NCT) may be an associate member. The associate member shall have all the rights and privileges of members except to hold office and vote on any business. Associate members may serve on committees.
  3. Student Members – Student members shall be those members enrolled in an educational program accredited by the JRCERT or the regional accrediting body and recognized by the ARRT and the Texas Medical Board (TMB). Students may vote on any business. Student members may serve on committees, but not be appointed chairperson. Eligibility for this classification shall end upon conclusion or termination of an educational program.
  4. Honorary Members – Honorary members shall be those persons who, because of interest they have evidenced in the activities and the aims of NTRTS, the NTRTS wishes to honor. Honorary members shall be CHOSEN BY A MAJORITY VOTE AT A REGULAR MEETING OF NTRTS. They shall pay no dues and shall have all the rights and privileges except to vote and hold office.
  5. Life Members – Life members shall be certified by the Texas Medical Board as an MRT and the ARRT as a Radiologic Technologist. They shall be active members of NTRTS who have rendered unusual service to NTRTS. Life members shall be CHOSEN BY A MAJORITY VOTE AT A REGULAR MEETING and upon a unanimous recommendation of the Board. They shall have all rights and privileges of active members and shall pay no dues.


SECTION 2: Resignation

Any member shall have the right to resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the membership committee.


SECTION 2: Reinstatement

A member who has resigned shall be granted reinstatement in the NTRTS by making an application with the appropriate dues to the membership committee.



Membership Year


SECTION 1: Definition

The membership year for NTRTS shall be from the date the application and payment have been accepted to the one or two-year anniversary to that date as long as renewals are timely.


SECTION 2: Meeting Times

NTRTS will maintain a minimum of four (4) meetings per membership year.





Membership Dues


SECTION 1: Membership dues shall be determined by the board of directors and reviewed annually.  Note that one of the goals of NTRTS is to elevate the welfare and socioeconomics of the Radiologic Technologists



SECTION 2:  Notification of Membership

The Board of Directors of NTRTS shall notify members 15 days before recommending an increase in fees and dues.



SECTION 3: Delinquency

No member who is delinquent for dues shall vote or hold office or be entitled to receive

reports of the transactions of NTRTS. Members who are delinquent for dues may be reinstated only upon applying for reinstatement and payment of dues in the year they are seeking reinstatement.


SECTION 4: Renewals

All memberships will renew at the member’s anniversary date – see Art. VI, Section1.




Elected Officers


SECTION 1: Defined

The elected officers of NTRTS shall be the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Student Liaison(s).

  1. The Vice-President shall elevate to the office of President at the next election.
  2. Elections shall be in August by a majority vote.
  3. Officer Election may be done in person (at the meeting), or via social media as designated by NTRTS. Social media is defined as electronic devices, online, twitter, Facebook, survey monkey, etc.  As it relates to the bylaws, there shall be no voting by proxy.
  4. Social media voting will be established no sooner than one week prior to the face-to-face meeting which shall contain the officer election vote. The social media voting will terminate with the closing of the face-to-face meeting.
  5. Nominees can only run for one officer position.
  6. Elected officers shall be installed in September.


SECTION 2: Qualifications

  1. All officers of NTRTS shall be active members in ASRT, TSRT, and NTRTS.
  2. The Student Liaison(s) must be enrolled in an educational program certified by JRCERT or regional accrediting body, and recognized by the ARRT and TMB.


SECTION 3: Terms

All officers shall serve a term of one year, except Secretary and Treasurer who will serve for two years, or until their successors have been appointed or elected. They shall surrender to their successor all files and papers belonging to NTRTS. All officers may be reelected.






Duties of Officers


SECTION 1: President

  1. Implements the strategic goals and objectives of NTRTS.
  2. Gives direction and leadership toward the achievement of the NTRTS philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives.
  3. With the Board Chair, enables the Board to fulfill its governance function.
  4. Recommends yearly budget, along with treasurer, for Board approval and prudently manages NTRTS resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations.
  5. Prepares a written report on the activities of the NTRTS annually.
  6. Prepares the annual ASRT Group Exemption (GEN) Form and submits it to ASRT. The ASRT GEN Form can be found at the ASRT website under affiliate annual compliance forms. This form is due at the same time as the affiliate annual compliance documents for TSRT are due.
  7. Prepares the annual TSRT election form due by June 30th each year. The information to be submitted can be found on the TSRT website.  The renewal fee is due to TSRT at the time of affiliate annual election.
  8. Prepares the tax return for nonprofit organizations 990N due each year by May 15th. This form needs only the NTRTS Name, Address, EIN, and check the box on the 990N that states our organization has less than $50,000 in our treasury.
  9. Assures that the NTRTS mission, strategies, and programs are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to the radiologic sciences profession.
  10. Presides at all meetings of the Board and membership. Preserves order and decorum at all meetings.
  11. Appoints committees and task forces of the Board as needed with the approval of the Board.
  12. Assumes the office of Board Chair after serving the term of President.
  13. Is an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  14. May call a special meeting with the appropriate notice.
  15. Performs other duties consistent with the office.
  16. Makes agendas for general meetings and board meetings. Set general meeting and board meeting dates.
  17. Supervise credentials, elections, and ensures all officers are NTRTS, TSRT, and ASRT members.



SECTION 2: Vice-President

  1. Serves as chair of the program committee and the chair of Legislative Events as needed.
  2. Keeps all records pertaining to program activity and surrenders them to the next elected Vice-President.
  3. Shall acquaint him/herself with the duties of the President.
  4. Assumes the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  5. Assumes the office of the President in the event of a vacancy.
  6. Assumes the office of the President after serving the term as Vice-President.
  7. Performs all duties consistent with the office.



SECTION 3: Secretary

  1. Maintains all correspondence and records of NTRTS.
  2. Records minutes of all meetings as outlined in ARTICLE XIII, Section 1: Order of Business. Distributes meeting minutes to the Board no later than 15 days after a meeting.
  3. Keeps permanent records of all meetings and surrenders them to the next elected secretary.
  4. Serves as chair of the membership committee and keeps an accurate membership roster.
  5. Checks the NTRTS mailbox weekly or more frequently as needed around event planning.
  6. Performs all duties consistent with the office.
  7. Submits an annual report in advance of the President’s submission of the ASRT and TSRT affiliate annual renewal compliance documents.




SECTION 4: Treasurer

  1. Is the custodian of NTRTS funds.
  2. Keeps true and accurate accounts of all the financial transactions of NTRTS.
  3. Receives income from various sources and pays expenses. All funds paid out must be documented and approved by the Board.
  4. Presents a financial report to the Board at the regular meeting as outlined in ARTICLE XIII, Section 1: Order of Business.
  5. Submits to the board a monthly account of funds received and expensed no later than 15 days after the meeting.
  6. Works with the Board Chair and Webmaster to manage all expenses associated with maintaining the NTRTS website.
  7. Presents an audit of NTRTS books to the Board annually.
  8. Works with the President to prepare the tax return.
  9. The taxes are due the 15th day of the 5th month (May 15th) from the end of the fiscal year (January 1 to December 31).
  10. Surrenders all records to the next elected treasurer.
  11. Performs all duties consistent with the office.
  12. Submits an annual report in advance of the President’s submission of the ASRT and TSRT affiliate annual renewal compliance documents.




SECTION 5: Student Liaison(s)

The Student Liaison(s) shall attend meetings and solicit concerns of the student members. They shall attend board meetings and bring concerns of the students. They may serve on committees. They shall assist the officers and board. They shall have full voting rights as outlined in ARTICLE XII, Section 2C: Classification. All documents shall be surrendered to the next elected Student Liaison(s).


Section 6: Absence/Inability of President and Vice-President to preside

In the absence or inability of the President and the Vice-President, the Chairman of the Board will call the meeting to order and preside over the meeting.


SECTION 7: Vacancies

  1. A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice-President.
  2. A vacancy in the office of Vice-President, secretary, or treasurer shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  3. A vacancy in the office of Student Liaison may be appointed by a majority vote of the Board at their discretion.




The NTRTS Board


SECTION 1: Board composition

The Board shall be composed of the elected officers and three non-officer active members. The three non-officer members shall be as follows: Board Members 1, 2, and 3. Board Member 1 shall be Chairperson. Board Members 2 and 3 shall be recommended, nominated, or seek this position. Board Member 2 is a two-year position. Board member 3 is a one-year position and will become Bylaws Chairperson. All Board Members must be active members in ASRT, TSRT, and NTRTS.


SECTION 2: Board Roles & Responsibilities

Board Chair

  1. Guides and directs the governance process, centering the work of the Board on the NTRTS mission, vision and strategic direction.
  2. Presides over Board meetings in a manner that encourages participation and information sharing while moving the Board toward timely closure and prudent decision-making.
  3. Serves as the Board’s central point of official communication with the President. Develops a positive, collaborative relationship with the President, including acting as a sounding board for the President on emerging issues and alternative courses of action. Stays up-to-date on NTRTS business and determines when an issue needs to be brought to the attention of the full board or a committee.
  4. Sets a high standard for Board conduct by modeling, articulating and upholding rules of conduct set out in Board bylaws and policies.
  5. Participates in the recruitment of new Board members and in the process of identifying candidates to serve as officers.


Board Members

  1. Create and review annually a statement of mission and purpose that articulates the NTRTS goals, means, and primary constituents served.
  2. Ensure that the President has the moral and professional support they need to further the goals of the NTRTS. Provide feedback to the President as necessary.
  3. Ensure effective planning by actively participating in an overall planning process and assist in implementing and monitoring the plan’s goals.
  4. Monitor and strengthen programs and services that are consistent with the NTRTS mission.
  5. Secure adequate financial resources for NTRTS to fulfill its mission.
  6. Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight. The board must assist in developing the annual budget and ensuring that proper financial controls are in place.
  7. Enhance the NTRTS public standing by clearly articulating the society’s mission, accomplishments, and goals to the radiologic sciences profession.




SECTION 3: Other duties of Board Members 1-3

Board Members shall oversee an audit of the accounts and books of the Secretary and Treasurer in advance of the President’s submission of annual affiliate renewal and compliance documents to ASRT and TSRT.


SECTION 4: Actions

  1. The Board accountability – may expend necessary operating funds of NTRTS not to exceed $500.00. No other money or funds of NTRTS shall be expended or disposed of without the consenting vote from the majority of NTRTS members.
  2. The Board may change the date, location, or call a special meeting of the NTRTS with a 15-day notice to the membership when it is found advisable.
  3. There will be two Board meetings per year. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson of the Board or the President with 15 days’ notice.
  4. The Student Liaison(s) must attend Board Meetings and shall vote on any business. They will observe the meeting of the Board.
  5. All Board Members must attend meetings. If they are unable to attend, they shall contact another Board Member and give them a report if needed.
  6. In the event of a vacancy in any office except the President, the board has the power to fill the vacant term and shall notify the membership of its actions.
  7. All Board Meetings are open. If there is business to discuss that is deemed confidential, the board chair will notify the non-Board Members in attendance to excuse them. At the next meeting, the membership will be informed of the matter and its resolution.




Duties of Staff



The Board of Directors or any officer may utilize volunteer staff to carry out the work of NTRTS.  Staff member(s) are selected based on their qualifications for specific role(s).  Staff will serve to assist officer(s) or Board Member(s) only in an auxiliary or advisory capacity on a given project.  Staff are not officers.


SECTION 1: Business Manager

Advises the presiding officer and other officers, committees and members on administrative procedures and additional responsibilities may include:

  1. Helps to train officers and committee chairs
  2. Helps find speakers for quarterly meetings
  3. Works to find vendors for seminars and the Top 25 Luncheon
  4. Attends and helps facilitate Board Meetings
  5. Coordinate volunteers at NTRTS events.


SECTION 3:  Parliamentarian

The parliamentarian shall attend meetings and ensure that each officer knows their responsibilities and performs them consistent with his/her office.  The parliamentarian will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board and serve a two (2) year term.  At the end of said term, the parliamentarian may be reappointed by the Board at their discretion.


SECTION 4:  Education Coordinator

  1. Works with speakers to ensure their outline, and curriculum vitae are completed for CE approval.
  2. Works with Continuing Education Approval Entities to ensure the speaker’s presentations are approved for the quarterly meeting dates, educational seminars, and the Top 25 Educational CE Hour.
  3. Keeps record of all attendees for CE presentation for auditing, and resource purposes.
  4. Will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board and serve a two (2) year term.


SECTION 5:  Financial Liaison

  1. Works with NTRTS to manage financial assets by providing monetary advice and provide contractual resolutions.  The liaison will assess NTRTS goals and make financial suggestions and options.  The Financial Liaison will work with the President, Vice President, Chairman of the Board, and Treasurer to ensure that all NTRTS finances are appropriate and elevate the socioeconomics of our radiology society.
  1. Will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board and serve a two (2) year term.


SECTION 6: Financial Secretary

  1. Works with NTRTS to assist with documentation and recording of financial matters.
  1. Will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board and serve a two (2) year term.


SECTION 7:  Public Relations Liaison

  1. Works with NTRTS to assist with marketing and networking our society within our membership and with the Texas state and national ASRT society levels. The liaison will help with online campaign advertisement, administrative help with membership accounts, and society seminars and events.
  2. Will be appointed by a majority vote of the Board and serve a two (2) year term.







SECTION 1: Standing Committees

The Board shall establish standing committees as deemed necessary to aid the Society in carrying out its activities. Such shall be responsible to the Board and the membership of NTRTS and may be altered or eliminated at any time by the board.


SECTION 2: Committee Chairs

The Board of NTRTS shall appoint the committee chairs, unless in conflict with other sections of the bylaws, with Board approval.



SECTION 1: Order of Business

The following shall be the order of business unless otherwise ordered by the assembly or in conflict with Robert’s Rules of Order.


  • Call to order
  • Disposal of Minutes
  • Reports of Officers
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Student Liaison
  • Committee Reports
  • Appointment of committees and chairpersons
  • Unfinished business
  • New Business
  • Elections (when applicable)
  • Announcements/Next Meeting/Jobs/Etc.
  • Adjournment


SECTION 2: Voting

All voting members or members who have voting privileges, as set forth in these Bylaws, may vote on any business that comes before the membership.  No member may vote in more than one (1) capacity, and there shall be no voting by proxy.

Any NTRTS business which requires a membership vote can be decided by a majority vote of the membership.  Voting for revisions/amendments to the bylaws may be done in person, (at the meeting), or via social media as designated by NTRTS.  Social media is defined as electronic devices, online, twitter, Facebook, survey monkey, etc.  As it relates to the bylaws, there shall be no voting by proxy.  Social media voting will be established no sooner than one week prior to the face-to-face meeting, which shall contain the Bylaw approval vote.  The social media voting will terminate with the closing of the face-to-face meeting.


SECTION 3: Financial Payout

All checks written on NTRTS accounts must have two signatures. The persons designated to sign shall be the current Treasurer and the Board Chair.








Bylaws will be reviewed annually by the board for possible revisions.  Revisions will be sent to the TSRT Board for review to ensure they do not conflict with TSRT Bylaws’ for affiliate societies. Amendments to these bylaws which are not in conflict with the TSRT bylaws for affiliated societies may be made by a majority of consenting votes of the membership.  Notice of such amendment(s) must be sent to the membership by email and the proposed bylaws must be posted on the NTRTS website at least 15 days prior to the time of voting.







In the event of dissolution or final liquidation of the NTRTS, The Board of Directors must settle all financial obligations first.  The Board of Directors may then, at their discretion, donate a portion of the remaining assets to and among such corporations, foundations or other organizations organized and operated exclusively for the scientific and educational purposes in radiologic technology, consistent with those of the NTRTS.  If any assets remain after these actions, the remainder must be disbursed to TSRT.




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