Membership in NTRTS is open to all radiologic technologists who work in North Texas. We offer a variety of membership benefits, including:

  • Continuing education opportunities: NTRTS offers a variety of continuing education opportunities, including online courses, conferences, and workshops.
  • Networking events: NTRTS hosts regular networking events for its members, providing them with the opportunity to connect with other radiologic technologists and build relationships.
  • Professional development resources: NTRTS provides its members with a variety of professional development resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts.
  • Advocacy for the profession: NTRTS advocates for the profession of radiologic technology by working with state and federal legislators to ensure that the needs of radiologic technologists are met.
  • Scholarships and grants: NTRTS offers scholarships and grants to its members, providing them with financial assistance for continuing education and professional development.

If you are a radiologic technologist who works in North Texas, we encourage you to join NTRTS and become part of a professional community dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients. We are here to support you and to help you provide quality care to your patients.